Saturday, October 13, 2007

What a wonderful day for a picnic and apple picking with lots of friends! It is such a pleasure to be with this group of people. We all work together and share in the playing and care of our kids. The boys truly enjoy these families and trust them like family. CCG is so funny, I have to say. He is a bit clumsy and whenever he falls or bumps into something, he always picks himself up and says "I'm alright!" and continues on his way. CPG on the, other hand, is more stoic and observant. It's as if he wants to smile and share in the fun, but isn't sure that he feels comfortable doing so.

After the playground picnic, we all met up with SJG at the orchard for some apple picking. The trees' branches were the perfect height for 4 yr old hands to reach, so they really got into pulling the apples off the trees. The smiles on the boys' faces fill my heart with joy and love! I cherish these times with them. Wouldn't it be nice if every day were filled with this kind of leisure fun?

Hopefully, tomorrow brings similar fun, with baking, more Halloween decorating, music making and maybe a bit of artwork. We shall see:-)


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Katie said...

We had such a great time, too! Can't wait to feast on Halloween yummies!!!