Friday, September 5, 2008

So much to do, so little time

Can't believe it! All summer long, we'd been waiting for our vacation and for kindergarten to start. Now those days have past and CCG just completed his 2nd week of school!

We had so much fun at my parents' house. I vowed that we would make it to the beach every day of our vacation...and we did. The boys still haven't quite figured out how to swim, completely. CCG is so close, and CPG just doesn't have it in him yet.

We also took in a whale watch and saw a humpback breach not once or even twice but 4 times! yep, that was some kind of record...Of course, my camera was too slow to capture these amazing moments so I will have to rely on my sister's photos to show you when I get them.
We had a glorious visit with CCG's cinderella and her family. Those kids are so adorable together, it just melts my heart.

Of course, a trip home wouldn't be complete without a stop or 3 to the best ice cream shop in the world, Sundae School...I've been going there since I was a kid, riding my bike to meet my cousin every Wednesday, for a Famous Sundae with extra whipped cream:-) they make their own and it's is TO DIE FOR.

Time was spent on the oyster flats with Bubba and gang. I even got to do a little 4 wheeling onto and around the beach in Bubba's truck. I haven't done that in a really long time!
We had a fabulous time, and enjoyed every minute. I hope our next vacation is so good.

We also just headed up north to Glen, NH and Storyland. What a blast. Every inch of that place is geared toward smaller kids. Here we are on the Bamboo Chutes Log ride. We haven't gotten wet, yet:-)It was a perfect day and the boys enjoyed all of the rides and attractions. The real "Cinderella ' was there, so of course, we had to have a photo of CCG taken with her to share with HIS Cinderella. We also rode the Pumpkin Carriage, too. I bet our Cinderella will think her prince is way cool!
CCG took the photo of me as Little Miss Muffet:-)

On August 2, I joined a little known group called to help me lose those extra pounds I gained from having kids, and getting married;-) I can't blame the kids for all of it. Since Aug 2nd, I have lost 3+inches off my waist and 12 lbs. This site has it, recipe calculator, interest groups for support and advice, a food tracker with or without the meal plan, a fitness tracker that can be personalized...I have a blog-type page to journal my progress, and there is a place for journaling, entering calendar appts, or just browsing the latest blog entries within the site. I am really enjoying it. I feel so much better, I look better, and I am more fit.
This site and the people who participate have inspired me to work on my training for triathlons next year! My first step...a 5k to get back into the routine of racing. Another first step is find myself a good road/racing bike. Thanks to my friend DP, I have a very old racing bike, but it's definitely time for an update, and I deserve it!
Enough great things can't be said about this site and it is up for the site of the year (I think I have that name right).
I encourage all of you to at least check it out. See what all the spark is about.

DH and I will celebrate our 10 yr anniversary tomorrow, but I am not sure it'll be much of one. It seems that he is coming down with something more severe than a cold. I hope he feels better in the am! We have tix to the Cirqu de soleil in Boston.
Ciao for now!

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