Sunday, October 26, 2008

20 yrs!

I can't speak for others, but I had a blast...who are these freaks, anyway!? Seeing some of these folks brought back my ole goofy self...of my years in school when I was awkward and niave and silly. Feeling that way again showed me that I can still be that person, that it doesn't always have to be "business"...getting my own personal to-do list done...dealing with the everyday routines and tasks. I thank my friends for awakening the old me. You are all truly sepcial and have special places in my heart! Love you!
Kathy Booth and Susan Seminara

Josh Cross and Chris Elliot. Check out that name tag on Josh!!
A little rubbin' for an absent friend! The gang is almost all here. Erik Tolley, me, Mike Hersey, Melissa Lepine, ???, and in the back, Brian Lacrosse.

My sweet dear friend Bucky and me.
Adorable as always, Pam Harty.
There were lots of other faces there, but I asn't the usual shutter bug...would have liked to grabbed shots of Kris Koski, Sean Todd, Andy Jasie, Ann Sullivan, Colleen Maurino, just to name a few.
To all of you, I wish good health and happiness.
See you in 5...if not sooner!

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