Thursday, October 16, 2008

NH's harvest

I don't know what it is about apple picking, but it enlivens me. Maybe it's because a good majority of my life was involving harvesting a fall crop....cranberries. The foliage vibrance and crisp air really invigorate the soul. Maybe it's the coming yummy dessert that I lovingly bake for hours upon our return from the orchard. Whatever it is, I just love it. And thankfully, the rest of the family does, too.

The boys run freely and wildly through the trees, laughing and even singing. There were so many apples on the trees that with every apple picked, about 4 would fall to the ground! I personally have never seen so many apples on the trees before. Maybe that is because we go later in the season, or maybe it's a lesser known orchard so fewer visitors...Either way, the boys really enjoy being out there, riding the tractor hay ride, eating the apples straight off the tree, and getting warm with the freshly pressed and just warmed apple cider.

So far, from our 15 lbs of apples, I've made apple brownies, french apple pie, apple cobbler, and apple tart. With Ammie and Bubba coming this weekend, we'll be returning to the orchard for more, just to be sure we have enough baked goods to last the winter:-) I can't wait!

Bon appetite!

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