Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the Holiday Madness

Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am just an old fashioned girl, but I think there are way too many toys for my kids to potentially have. The things that were unwrapped in our house on Christmas morning were wild, crazy, over packaged, and even loads of fun! I can't even tell you the number of hurdles that were jumped to get that Knex Dragon Drop RollerCoaster to our house in time! (It arrived on our door step at 4pm on the 24th...phew). Knex and Legos were the top picks, as well as DVDs and books (my favorite) and things that are already broken!

In spite of colds and coughs, our hearts were filled with fun and love. Christmas wouldn't be the same without Ammi and Bubba and Great Gramma with us. The boys were so glad to have so much attention. Even Lido had some fun and became Super Lido, the Caped Canine! Here's a peek:

Our home time was filled with lots of activities. We played with the new board games, cleaned the basement, tried out new snow shoes (and, in the doggies' case, working on their snow angels), hit the ice a couple of times, saw friends for New Year's eve and spent the last couple of hours of 2008 with family playing charades and drinking champagne.

Here's to having a safe, fun and even prosperous 2009!

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Aubrie said...

Love the dog mask! You can never have enough presents!