Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mirasol's Heart of Midnight "Lido" 9/10/200-7/31/2010

When I first laid eyes on Lido as a puppy, there was something about him that made him shine. He was sooo happy from the core, and had the most gentle kisses, touch, hugs, demeanor, even at 7wks of age. I learned that when he was born, he needed resuscitating by his breeder, which explains his love for life. He insisted that any free hand be busy rubbing his body or scratching his ear. As long as he was being touched, he was content. When the boys were born, Lido just became a marshmallow while they poked, prodded, pulled and learned to crawl over him. Not even once did he flinch, he loved the boys because, of course, they were touching him...
Lido's athleticism was incredible, with a lightning speed run, I often closed my eyes for fear that he would slam a tree branch or hit a hole and go tumbling, but his agility and grace maneuvered him through natural obstacles like he built them himself and always wore the biggest smile while making his way through them. His jumping stood out above the rest, too. On a walk with the New England Golden Retriever egroup along the Exeter River, he leapt right over the heads of the wading dogs into the river after a ball. He could jump high and far effortlessly. He could swim for hours with only a speedy stop for a quick bathroom break. He loved to swim and would go as often as possible, even if it meant sneaking out of the yard and high tailing it to the beach (only a few hundred feet down the end of a dirt road-he was safe). Oftentimes he would bring along his partner in crime, Dizzy. (They were a perfect match of love and friendship)
He participated in agility and obedience in his younger years although I hardly had to put any work into training, as he was a natural, and just a great dog, ready to please in an instant. Later on, I was determined to get our therapy dog certification. Even though my work and life schedule didn't allow for us to visit the Harris Hill facility in Concord more than once a month, he LOVED going. His whole body wagged when he saw the TD "collar" and tags come out. He knew exactly who wanted him close, and who didn't mind a heavy lean, and knew which ones scratched in just the right places and ways. He never ceased to amaze me and fill me with joy to watch his gentle touch with those so fragile. Our visits always brought tears to my eyes. Then again, just about everything he did amazed me and brought me to tears.
He has comforted me through many challenges and brought such joy to my life and to every life he touched. He was uniquely special, an angel on earth, for sure. He found joy in everything he did. I can't say what his favorite thing or activity was because he truly enjoyed them all, even being a 64lb lap dog.
Saturday, July 31st, was the most difficult and heart wrenching thing I have ever been through. I never wanted to give up on him and his fight to beat the horrible illness that was taking him from me, but he was exhausted and weak and not responding to the treatments and medications. I think he was holding on for me, to please me, in true Lido fashion. Even in his last moments, his nose was pointing to sky as he breathed in all the scents the summer air carries while he leaned hard against me. I doubt that there was ever or will ever be another dog like Lido on this earth. He was heaven sent. My life was hugely rich because he was part of it. He has taken a part of me with him to the Rainbow Bridge. I love you, Lido, more than words can say.
Dizzy, CGC at the Rainbow Bridge
Lido, CGC, TDI at the Rainbow Bridge
Partita, the pesky pup

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