Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Day on Owl Lane

Geepers, it's been way to olong...even an old friend recently asked my spouse if I was still doing the blog thing!  He keeps up with us this way, and apparently, I haven't been doing my part to inform the public of our goings on.  Pics from the corn maze at Coppal House Farm in Lee.

Lego camp for CCG

and CPG

CPG with Zach Weiss, his coach at YD baseball camp

CCG with his YD baseball camp coaches...

Tita at 18mos

Not sure why these pics are sideways...this is with the neighbor stacking wood in exchange for cookies!

Why don't I start with the most recent activities.  The fall is always busy in NH, and in our household.  There are many festivals, apple orchards, and fairs.  So we try to do one of each every fall.  Lee held its first Little River Festival and its last Lee Old Home Day.  Somehow it seems like a no brainer to combine the 2 events for the future, since they were only 2 wks apart and offered very similar things.  With the board and Old Home Day committee stepping down without replacements, the only way for it to continue beyond its 50 yr run is to morph it into this Festival, something that was "new" but seemed very much like a duplicated Old Home Day, in a different location.  Instead of a 5K road race, they had a ORYA baseball game, instead of the antique car show, they had an antique tractor parade.  Seems like if they wanted to start a new tradition or get people interested in the new park, they could have gotten a little more creative.  Little River Festival committee, why don't you use your energy on a real tradition, a 50yr old tradition and save the Old Home Day celebration.  Enough of my ranting...

The new neighbors have been very social and ready for sharing.  CCG is smack between their kids in age and grade.  They enjoy having friends living right next door to play with each day.  Sometimes it gets a little crazy but mostly it's a nice addition.

OK, off to a teach conference for CPG...should be interesting as he's a Kindergartener, and it's only for half day:-)
ciao, steph

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