Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving and Art

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We had a huge feast at J&T's house with the whole G family. It's always filled with laughter, conversation and food. Lido had his first Therapy Dog visit at a facility in Exeter. There are definitely things that we need to work on for our future visits, but he is soooo loving and receiving of attention that he still is a wonderful dog for therapy work. CCG came along because he is usually so chatty, but it turns out that he was a bit shy and scared of the people there, as he is not used to seeing older people with health problems. We are blessed with healthy and cognisant elderly folks in our family. Sunday is our next visit to a different facility so, we'll keep you updated on their progress.

I was able to work on some art today, thankfully, as I was feeling the pressure of getting some done as birthday gifts. Ideas are plentiful, it is the time to fulfill those ideas that is limited. Here are photos of the 2 pieces I finished. One is a pastel, the other a watercolor. The 3rd photo is of CPG's watercolor work this morning! Quite good for a 2yr old, don't you think? This one is going on the wall for permanent display:-)
ciao (literally and figuratively:-)

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