Thursday, November 15, 2007

When does life slow down...

Where does the time go? Thanksgiving is already upon us which means that Christmas is just around the corner! Every year I make a promise to myself to be more ahead of the game, you know, be prepared, get organized earlier so the stress levels stay under control. Yet once again, I find myself over booked and running out of time. It's all my own doing...I could say "no" to the therapy dog program that I have been wanting to get started for a long time. I could turn down the offer to help do publicity for the wind symphony. I could decline invitations to the holiday parties. But, instead I say "yes", "I accept", and "you bet!" to all of it, for the simple fact that without it, I would not be living. Sometimes, it's the only time when I would see my friends, socially, away from our usual routines all year! Sometimes, opportunity knocks, and we are forced to listen.

My children are learning what it means to be involved and have an active lifestyle, as I try to teach them the importance of and the gifts that come from sharing oneself with others. Don't get me wrong, there are times when we just sit around and read, draw, play games, just as there are times when I turn my back on the "To-Do" list for the night. Somehow, in the end, everything works out and falls into place no matter how chaotic and nutty life can get.

ciao for now

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