Wednesday, January 14, 2009

4 down, 2 to go

So It's been a little hairy without Steve around to help with the kids...and take care of the "house " things like cleaning the pellet stove, or ice removal, snow removal, garbage removal...Those things all take up time and are added to the pile of things I already do when he is here. So, some of my chores are being left for another day...dishes are starting to pile up and laudnry stil hasn't been folded (the WORST chore in the world!)

The boys took a look at the globe at school this morning to see where Daddy is and talked about the animals that he is seeing, hopefully.

With the disastrous start to the beginning of the week, we finally managed to have a peaceful and team effort morning. Minus one mini tatrum from CPG, all went well. The boys even helped pack their lunch bags! Instead of just reminding them every day what their "jobs" were, I gave them each a choice: they could treasure hunt to find their clothes, toothbrushes and lunch boxes OR they could have "stations" to choose the order in which they did their jobs. Both boys chose the treasure hunt and were able to get dressed and ready in a timely fashion. I incorporated the timer so that each treasure hunt find and task should take 5 minutes to complete which would leave plenty of time for them to sit down for breakfast, instead of eating in the car.

My fingers are crossed that tomorrow will be another success story:-)

We look forward to Daddy's return home. I should probably start thinking about what we could do to show him that we are happy to see him...special dinner or dessert, or make a picture for him, or make a video, ...I'll have to check with the boys. I'll keep you posted.

speaking of posted, I am putting this photo up here, because it is a nice one that my nephew JWF took of my SIL and DH with our kids and my other SIL's kids...they had a blast at Applebees that day!


Aubrie said...


You're such a great mom, coming up with things to make the boy's chores fun. I was watching "The Nanny" the other day and that's exactly what she did too.

doulasteph said...

So far, Aubrie, it has worked (it's only been a couple of days). Both boys seem interested in hunting for their job items (clothes, toothbrush, and lunchboxes) They like being able to see what they are bringing for lunch and enjoy making suggestions, too.