Monday, January 12, 2009

A Shout Out to Steve

The boys had fun at school today, after a rocky start to the day. We have ended nicely, with this little message to their Daddy.
From CCG-I miss you , Daddy. Have a fun time taking pictues of animals of the rainforest.

From CPG-I miss Daddy 'cuz I was a school.
From Steph-Your travel experience was the talk of the station today. Everyone was asking if I had heard from you, and asking about the flights and Willem. Dizzy and Lido are keeping your spot on the couch warm for you (notice how they take up the WHOLE couch? that was intentinonal:-) I cut Dizzy's hind feathers, as I was getting tired of showering her down after she went potty! Oh well.
Have fun, we miss and love you!

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