Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fairy world and then some...

This has been a typical spring...lots of wet ground, with lots of mud and really dirty snow, but today we managed to enjoy the outdoors a little bit. CCG was insistent that we make fairy houses, so off we went through the trees in search of the perfect building materials. The photos are our finished products. Tomorrow CCG will be up at the crack of dawn peering into the little doorway hoping to spy a fairy who has just moved into the neighborhood.

SJG came home one evening with a bag from a dept store. Inside it were dress shirts and neck ties (clip ons) for CCG and CPG. He told me that CCG whispered to him, "Daddy, can I wear a tie to school?" Apparently Charlie Brown's thanksgiving special prompted this tie wearing idea. So, that week, both boys wore their ties to school and received numerous compliments and praise...What can of worms did SJG just open:-)?


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Aubrie said...

Fairy houses are sooo cute! What a creative idea!