Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer fun

My efforts to keep summer at a slow and relaxed pace always seem to be a lost cause. We've had lots of fun, though, meeting up with friends and exploring mountain tops. Here are some of the highlights.
A view of Mt. Pisgah in VT, not far from our alma mater, Lyndon State College. It was July 4th and was raining at the cog. I was desperate to find sunshine so we headed north, and found the golden rays!Our little outdoorsmen. They did such a fabulous job keeping up and climbing higher. This is not such an easy hike at over 3.5 miles, and they totally ROCKED (no pun intended)!

At one of the overlooks to Lake Willoughby.

This speck in the sky is a hawk that flew up from a ledge below us, and circled around us. Watching it fly up from below was dizzying.
Not pictured is our old girl, Dizzy. She is with us, just tethered to me. A little height phobia had me paranoid about everyone being so close to a ledge...ugh!
Our visit with Tiffany was filled with lots of play and exploration. We always meet in New London. Colby-Sawyer College has a great little playground and it's an easy walk to town and Peter Christian's Pub for lunch. Recently the town created a fund raising event. These Gnus were sponsored by area establishments and decorated/painted, etc. by local artists, including Tomie Depaola, the famous children's author and illustrator. The gnus will be auctioned off later this year. Tiff and the boys are with Tomie's gnu.
At the entrance to the pub, with its gorgeous garden.

The Colby-Sawyer gnu, done by the students in the art dept.
Gotcha, Tiff...she was busy snapping photos of the boys, and seemed so comfortable and particularly bright (as in happy and joyful) that I couldn't resist.
CPG burned off the lunch and HUGE sundaes running around the front lawn of the college, after he rode his bike all the way back there from the pub. He had such a blast.The playground has a pirate ship and great jungle gym slide. The boys could play there all day and never get bored.

Hope your summer days are filled with laughter and outdoor air!


Jody Nebesnik said...

Stephanie- Beautiful photos!! Happy summer :) jody

Aubrie said...

Hey Stephanie!

Those are wonderful pictures. You and your kids look so happy together. They almost look like twins to me! But I'm sure they look so different to you.

Thanks for commenting on my blog! The first compnay I used has gone belly up, so I think the first print book I'll have will be out in October sometime.