Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

What a crazy and fun day Dec 25th is...We began the festivities with an Eve of songs, dancing, and baking cookies for the eventual arrival of Santa Claus. After a reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas, CPG and CCG were tucked into bed. Then Santa's helpers went to work wrapping a truck load of toys and Disney-themed paraphernalia. This morning proved to be a huge success, as Santa brought nearly everything on CCG's list, and much more. CPG enjoyed examining each unwrapped gift before going to work on the next package. The day was filled with busy boys testing out their new stash of cars, trains, books and games.
Bubba and Ammi were here to help celebrate and assemble. Everyone donned smiles and runny noses, and managed to eat more sugary treats than Candy Land offers! Yikes...I am in big trouble:-)

In an effort to work off those sweets, mom and I took the dogs for a wintery walk through the woods. I am sure that I would need to spend more than 40 minutes out there to burn off the number of calories that I have consumed! There's always tomorrow....
Well, the day is almost over and we are all well worn out but happy and warm. Peace to everyone...

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CA Mama said...

Hi Steph....I just wrote this long comment before I signed in....then lost it ALL!! I will send a belated Christmas Card soon, I promise. After a preseason trip to Maine and mom arriving the day after I arrived home I decide to let the "card" task go.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us.
Hugs to all, Gail