Saturday, February 2, 2008

What a week! After a long week of battling a cold, CPG had his tonsils and adnoids removed on 1/28/08. I will never get used to seeing my little boy go limp and be placed on the guerney. My heart sinks and stomach turns over. Very stressful and horrifying. He, however, was a trooper! Once he was out of recovery, he was chatty and hungry. He downed about 7 popsicles and a couple cups of juice. He continues to amaze us with his pain threshold and tolerance. He is chipper and chatty and has a verocious appetite. After the original 2 doses of pain meds prescribed by the physician, he refused any pain meds all together! I couldn't even get children's grape flavored tylenol in him. He requested it once on the 2nd night home, and that was it! AMAZING considering the number of horror stories we were told by those who had lived through such an ordeal and by the drs.

The ladies at daycare sent a get well card home with CCG for CPG and said how much they and the other kids missed CPG. So we decided to send a photo to "school" enlisting CCG's help with the signage.
Today is another day, and it appears that CCG is under the weather with a sore throat. I wondered if it was a bit of an act to gain some attention, but he has barely moved and hasn't eaten anything, so now we have 2 throats in need of nursing. I hope he is feeling better soon. It's so not like him to be this still and quiet. heartbreaking, really....
from the sick house,

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