Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Florida vacation

The boys were in heaven with the warm weather and lots of water play. They were singing and laughing all 12 days. We landed in Fort Meyers and headed for St Pete. Let's see, we beached, swam, visited Grammi and Papa Joe, took an airboat ride and saw alligators, visited Auntie Ali and Uncle Mark in Ft Lauderdale who took us to Lion Country Safari (where we fed some tropical birds) and Butterfly World (where we fed more birds), and were harrassed by the balloon animal guy at the Rainforest Cafe! If that wasn't enough, we hit Seaworld to hang with Shamu and the dolphins, took a boat ride to Shell Island, played "Pin the fish on the Alligator", body surfed, and beached some more, collecting seashells to bring home for the boys' teachers and friends. I was able to take a detour one day to visit the Dali Museum in St. Pete with Terry, while the "boys" all went to the Lowry Zoo (where they fed birds, again!).

Amidst all the fun, we learned that our airline went belly up and stopped running, so we needed to book a new flight home, which kept us in FL another 2 days~BUMMER:-)

Everyone enjoyed their visit and the warmth of the sunshine. Along with sunburns and suntans, we got the gift of time spent together.



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