Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a couple thoughts

CCG has always been a wordsmith (even though he's 4). He recently said to me while watching a coule from Dancing with the Stars perform, "This is beautiful, mommy....Their clothes, their dancing, everything is beautiful." He has the gift of gab, like Bubba, but he also has this deep appreciation for all the wonderful things the world has to offer, even crazy clothes day at school. He really went all out, with the help of Daddy, and was the only kid in his class to participate.

Since our return from FL, we've had such beautiful weather. Last Sunday was a busy house clean up/get errands done kind of day, but we still managed to stay in PJs until well past 2pm:-)

It was a gorgeous day and everyone enjoyed being outside sans bugs...these boys are sooo happy, they love playing together, exploring and laughing.

CPG loves to play a game that I call the I Love You Game. He usually starts it by saying or screaming I Love You, then I have to return the compliment, but the funnier and crazier sounding it is, the more laughter I get out of him. He'll play for what seems like an hour, but really is only about 10 minutes.

I also can't post without making mention of my dear friend CGR. She is the most insightful, embracing, kind person I have ever met. Not too long ago she painted a portrait of a family member's dog, which was gorgeous. She enjoyed doing it and I offered my dogs as subjects for her to continue the dog theme. What came of that is the most amazing and spot on portrait of my heart dog, Lido. It rendered me speechless...seriously, I couldn't believe how beautiful it is...I KNOW that she has talent, and she is an exceptional artist, but seriously...It's quite a priveledge to have been watching her transform her artistic talent into such amazing heights! Thank you, CGR, from the bottom of my heart!


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Pepe' said...

Hey lady! Just got a minute to check out the blog--those boys are sooo cute! Sign me up for your e-mail update if you've got it set up...Pepe'