Sunday, May 18, 2008


We're now into the middle of spring...with the blooms, green leaves, and black flies! We still manage to get outside and put up with the annoying creatures. Today, we went for a walk and found this visitor upon our return.

This is the smallest box turtle I've ever seen...she was on her way to the pond so we decided to give her a lift to the back yard and the swamp.

Baseball and soccer are in full swing. CCG really loves being on a team and having new "friends". CPG will be old enough next year to participate, but he manages to find lots of things to do to keep him occupied and entertained in the meantime.

Last night was our first LTG gang book club meeting. We read Eat, Love, Pray By Elizabeth Gilbert and for the kids, Strega Nona, by Tomie DePaola. We all loved the books, but there wasn't much discussion about them as we spend most of our time catching up with each other's lives. We didn't pick the next book, we didn't decide on a regular get-together time, we didn't do a scrap book page~it was fabulous. We just talked and laughed and ate delicious, homemade Indonesian foods. I made Balinese Indonesian Satay Chicken and Pacari (pineapples and Coconut curry). Of course, with 4 yr olds, these foods wouldn't fly so spaghetti was made so they could all be Big Anthony!

Everyone seemed to have a great time. The kids played well together. Miss GM had some therapy with Lido and giggled with delight. In the end, we parted ways with sleepy eyes and smiling faces (at least most of us did) Miss KH had a difficult time leaving her prince and friends. Until next time, happy reading and eating.



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